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Lunch @ Rudy & Paco
Overall Impression: We came here because it was one of the top rated places on Yelp for Galveston. While the food I chose to order was pretty good, the consensus at the table was borderline 2/3. The service was very rushed (likely due to a convention in town that day) and the dishes were very hit/miss. It took about 30 minutes from sitting to the food to be served (not including the plantain chips which really are awesome). The ambiance was pretty nice for a quick/power lunch. It's a good place to talk business and such. The prices were reasonable, but I just expect better and consistent quality at a '5-star' restaurant.

Tasting Notes:
Fried plantain with "Pico Paco" and chimichurri sauce appetizers - So good. This must be a popular replacement for chips or bread in the south, but as far as I am aware, I don't see it much in the Northwest. I knew there was still good food to come but it was just too good to stop eating. The different sauces were fantastic. I especially  loved the chimichurri sauce for it's herb-y tang. Om nom nom nom.... oh crap I still have entree and dessert =__=".

Fish Taco a la Paco: Choice of fried or grilled fresh Gulf snapper wrapped in a soft corn tortilla topped with red cabbage, chopped cilantro and a tomato remoulade sauce. Served with a cup of homemade Tortilla Soup - These tacos were amazing. I wish there was a little less remoulade, but the flavors were on point and the fish was prepared perfectly. I love red snapper and haven't had any good ones since moving to the Northwest. The tacos were so perfectly balanced, it's no wonder that they are marked as a favorite on their menu.

Sopa de Tortilla Cup: Homemade chicken broth with corn tortilla, provolone cheese and sliced avocado: So my dad had just the soup in hopes that it would fit his current restricted diet. It's basically the same soup that came with my fish tacos except in a bigger bowl portion. There was actually quite an abundance of solid chunky chicken goodness which is always a good indicator that it is probably not from can ^_^;;. I loved the creaminess of the avocado that balanced out the slkight tang from the tomato base. The crunchy tortilla strips were great when it came out fresh. They do get soggy if you eat a little slow. I would have actually like it a little more flavorful with a bigger kick and zing of spices. However for my dad's current taste, it was a bit much. It had a lot of potential with all the visible ingredients however the soup failed to be either a clean refreshing or a powerful but-kicking soup.

Camarones Empanizado: Gulf shrimp lightly seasoned, breaded and fried, served with tartar and cocktail sauce: The BF was so excited to have fried shrimp from the Gulf like we grew up with. Sadly the shrimps failed to impress and the texture was not quite right - the battering or the shrimp. The  shrimp were clearly not fresh and the meat was on the mushy side. With such a shrimp, you really need a crunchier batter to disguise the shrimp. Sadly the light batter was too soft and added mush to mush. The veggies weren't too memorable and the rice looked like the typical western style pilaf. I do give points for a pretty pyramid shape.

Habana Pork Sandwich: Slow roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard served on ciabiatta bread (not shown): Ordered by my uncle, this was not particularly impressive either. The ciabiatta seemed to be on the thick side and I didn't really hear too many raving comments about the sandwich. The fries that came with it must not have been too impressive either since he mostly picked at them.

Pecan Ball (Chocolate or Butterscotch): Vanilla ice cream rolled in pecans topped with your choice of sauce: This was pretty decadent and worth the trip if it was just me. The BF and I decided to try something new and not cake and when the waitress had walked by earlier with this dessert for another table, all we could do was stare. Absolutely loved the pecans encrusting the gigantic ball of ice cream. The whip cream did not add too much and I wish the chocolate syrup would have been warmer. It was still great especially on a hot and humid day.


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